Live HD Video Streaming

The Gomni Livestreaming Service provides clients with a shareable, embeddable, real time, high quality HD video stream of their event. Once completed the video remains available to view and share making this the quickest and most cost effective method of video production.

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There are a great many different kinds of events but most share certain things in common. They all require time, money and organisation to realise their full potential.

Now that potential can be extended enormously by the addition of an HD Live Video Stream.

This expands the potential audience for any event, it increases the scope and reach of its message and it instantly creates a permanent video record of the proceedings that continues to accrue interest long after the event has ended.

If you have spent your time and money organising a great event why waste the opportunity to get so much more for your trouble, when you can have an easily affordable Broadcast Quality HD live video stream that takes up none of your valuable time to produce and that stands as a record of your event and a fantastic promotional tool for your organisation or brand.